Welcome to the North Shore Dog Training Blog!

Welcome to the North Shore Dog Training Blog! This new and informative blog is operated by dog trainer Scott Williams and Beyond the Leash Dog Obedience classes out of Boxford Mass. The blog will feature interesting and practical information about dog ownership in the North Shore, written in a straight forward fashion. The aim is to provide convenient and useful advice regarding a variety of dog breeds and owner’s lifestyles as well as entertaining facts and articles about dog ownership. Feel free to ask questions and share personal experiences about your canine…or just send us funny pictures of dogs wearing hats and mowing the lawn!

Beyond the Leash currently offers Williams’ nationally recognized Doggy Boot Camp, obedience classes, and Nosework classes, which trains a dog’s ability to search with their nose.

4 Responses to “Welcome to the North Shore Dog Training Blog!”

  1. Top 5 outdoor activities to do with your dog in the North Shore « Beyondtheleash’s Weblog Says:

    […] North Shore Dog Training Blog – North Shore dog trainer Scott Williams is offering his nationally-recognized Doggy Day Camp soon and he wants to remind dog owners that there are many outdoor activities in Essex and Middlesex counties that can serve as fresh and interesting ways to exercise with your dog. As summer grows near, these relatively low cost options are a great way to enjoy the weather as well as provide your dog with positive experiences that lead to better behavior. […]

  2. Top 5 dog breeds in Boston « Beyondtheleash’s Weblog Says:

    […] North Shore Dog Trainers Blog – Many people like a variety of breeds for a variety of different reasons. Many people feel that their dog is “just the cutest” and that their breed has all the best characteristics. Well, some of them are right. […]

  3. Upcoming French Ring trial part of a larger movement « Beyondtheleash’s Weblog Says:

    […] North Shore Dog Trainers Blog – Amongst a groundswell of activity for a serious revival of authentic French Ring sport, dog trainer and Beyond the Leash owner Scott Williams is now part of a growing group of canine specialists that are taking the protection sport back to its roots. […]

  4. Betty Clark Says:

    Looking forward to being a part of the nosework classes. Colbi and I have had 3 classes so far and have enjoyed practicing. It is really a fun time to spend with your dog.

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