Top 5 outdoor activities to do with your dog in the North Shore

North Shore Dog Training Blog – North Shore dog trainer Scott Williams is offering his nationally-recognized Doggy Day Camp soon and he wants to remind dog owners that there are many outdoor activities in Essex and Middlesex counties that can serve as fresh and interesting ways to exercise with your dog. As summer grows near, these relatively low cost options are a great way to enjoy the weather as well as provide your dog with positive experiences that lead to better behavior.

Practice the “Come” command

Whether in your yard, a dog park, or while hiking, you can always practice the ‘come’ command with your canine. It gives you an excuse to leave the house and enjoy a nice summer day, yet it can also be a productive activity both your dog and you.

Have your dog swim and play fetch at a local pond

Visiting any local pond or swimming hole is a great way to spend time with your dog and allow them to practice fetching and swimming in one activity. It gives your dog a workout and reinforces structured commands as well.

Visit a dog park with your dog

Dog parks in general allow your dog to roam free and socialize with other dogs. Dog parks in Essex County and Middlesex County are few and far between but they can represent a trip to do something special with your pet. Pet owners can choose from Leslie’s Retreat Dog Park in Salem, MA, Lowell Dog Park in Lowell, MA, and Breakheart Reservation in Saugus, MA.

Go hiking with your dog

There are hundreds of miles of trails throughout many state parks in the Northeast region of Massachusetts. Hiking is obviously solid physical exercise that will also keep your dog occupied and happy. State parks with a variety of terrain and trails include the Georgetown-Rowley State Forests, Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, Harold Parker State Forest, Bradley Palmer State Park.

Go camping

Whether for a family with a dog or a single dog owner, going camping with your canine can be a different outdoor experience. Here are a number of camping areas in the Northeast. Always double-check to ensure dogs are allowed.

Beyond the Leash currently offers Williams’ nationally recognized Doggy Boot Camp, obedience classes, and Nosework classes, which trains a dog’s ability to search with their nose.

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