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Upcoming French Ring trial part of a larger movement

July 29, 2010


New movement to strengthen the European-based sport in the US

North Shore Dog Trainers Blog – Amongst a groundswell of activity for a serious revival of authentic French Ring sport, dog trainer and Beyond the Leash owner Scott Williams is now part of a growing group of canine specialists that are taking the protection sport back to its roots.

For those that don’t know, French Ring is a fast-pace, exciting sport that tests a dog’s agility, obedience, and their ability to attack and detain human subjects, or decoys. Canines jump, leap, and climb their way through obstacles as well as challenge themselves with attack exercises, both biting and escorting.

Rick Rutt, president of the recently formed American Ring Sport Federation, said that French Ring enthusiasts began a new organization for the sport in the US after many became to realize that the current French Ring organization operated with less stringent rules than their European counterparts  . He said it’s encouraging that Williams will be hosting a French Ring trial in Boxford, Ma. on Aug. 7 and 8. It represents one more step in the movement that is bringing a more disciplined and challenging form of French Ring Sport to the North Shore and the East Coast.

“There hasn’t been a French Ring Club north of Boston for a really, really long time. It would be nice to make that a hot bed of French ring once again,” said Rutt.

Williams, a dog obedience specialist and an expert in the recreational activity of Nosework, has been operating a French Ring Club out of Boxford, MA since the spring and using the upcoming trial to bring enthusiasts of sport from around New England into one venue.

For one thing, Rutt said that the type of activity in Boxford is exactly what the revitalization of French Ring sport needs right now. One main goal of the American Ring Sport Federation is to make trials, or competitions, spread over many regions so that Ring Sport enthusiasts don’t have to travel far to compete.

“It just gives everybody the opportunity to train and trial in a much more concentrated area,” said Rutt. “It definitely is an asset to us.”

There are currently 15 clubs on the East Coast practicing under American Ring Sport Federation rules since promotion of the new organization began last year.

For dogs, French Ring sport is a game, but a game that they take very seriously, and it caters towards dogs with a strong “prey drive, ” including breeds such as the German Shepherd, Belgium Shepherd, and Malinois.

Williams’ French Ring trial will take place on Aug. 7 and 8 and will take place in the fields behind the West Boxford Library, located on Washington Street in Boxford.

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French Ring Trial!

July 2, 2010

French Ring Trial Announcement!
The Patriot Ring Club is hosting its first French Ring Trial on August 7 and 8, 2010. The trial will be held in North Eastern Massachusetts. The field location is not finalized at this time. A French Judge is confirmed and Decoys are confirmed. Entry fees will be $50. We are presently welcoming volunteers to help with all aspects of the trial. If you have never seen a French Ring Trial it consists of obedience, agility and protection-based exercises. All dogs compete off leash and without collars. It is a challenging and exciting European dog sport. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you live in North Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine or Southern Vermont, this will be a great opportunity to see what this activity is all about and meet French Ring Sport enthusiasts in your area. Save the dates! For more info call: 866.957.3647 or visit

Top 5 dog breeds in Boston

July 2, 2010

North Shore Dog Training Blog People like a variety of breeds for a variety of different reasons. Many people feel that their dog is “the cutest” and that their breed has all the best characteristics. Well, some of them are right.

Here are the top five dog breeds in the Boston area for 2009. As a side note, the Yorkshire terrier was kicked off Boston’s list since 2007 and the bulldog took its place with some other shifting involved (see the 2007 list below).

1.Labrador Retriever – “The Labrador Retriever is medium in size, strong, athletic, and well balanced. They are friendly, outgoing, and possess an extremely sweet personality. There are two types of Labrador: The American, which is tall and lanky, and the English, which is more thick and heavy. This sporting breed is adept at hunting and retrieving. Labrador Retrievers are revered as companions and highly respected for their loving nature.

This breed is highly intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted. The Labrador Retriever is reliable, affectionate, and thrive on human companionship and attention. They are absolutely wonderful with children and get along exceedingly well with other dogs. They may be reserved with strangers and make good watchdogs. If this breed is left alone for extended periods of time without attention or stimulation they will become lonely, bored, and destructive.”

2. German Shepherd Dog – “The German Shepherd is a breed of classic beauty and possesses superior intelligence. They are highly adaptable, energetic, curious, strong, and dependable. This breed displays a magnificent appearance and is extremely agile with great stamina and endurance.

A member of the herding group, the German Shepherd is fearless, bold, hard working, and alert. They are esteemed for their loyalty, deep devotion, and courage. This breed thrives on human interaction from their family and does not like to be left alone for extended periods of time. German Shepherds are exceptionally wary of strangers. They will most generally get along with other household pets they have been raised with. This breed will attempt to perform the task of herding on anything and everything that moves. The German Shepherd is not recommended for the novice, apathetic, or sedentary owner.”

3.  Bulldog

“The Bulldog is moderate in size, heavy, and built low to the ground. They are strong, kind, amiable, and courageous. This breed is not vicious or aggressive and is quite dignified. They possess a passive demeanor and have a quirky sense of humor.

This breed is loyal, exceedingly affectionate, and deeply devoted to their family. The Bulldog is dependable, gentle, and does well in a home with children. They will get along with other pets they have been raised with but may be rude and try to bully strange dogs. They thrive on human attention and are dependent upon it for their happiness and well-being. The Bulldog has excellent guarding abilities but will only bark when absolutely necessary. This breed is very possessive of food and should never be fed in the presence of children or pets.”

4.  Boxer

“Boxers are lively, strong, and extremely loyal. They have an exceedingly high energy level. They carry themselves with pride, but are never arrogant. They have a stoic stance, and are intelligent, loving, delightful companions.

The Boxer is patient, dignified, and self-assured. They exhibit curiosity, but are wary of strangers. This breed is fearless and courageous if threatened. They are keenly alert and have a heightened sense of hearing, which make them excellent guard dogs. The Boxer adores children and other pets they have been raised with. They have an inordinate need for human companionship and do not like to be alone for extended periods of time. They are not well suited for a two career family. Insufficient attention may lead them into “bad” behavior in an attempt to be noticed.”

5. Golden Retriever

“The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous, large, and energetic breed. They are the world’s foremost family pet and companion. They are sturdy, well proportioned, and are well known for their hunting capabilities on land and in the water. The Golden is perceptive and agile.
Golden Retrievers are loveable, polite, and highly intelligent. They exude charm and confidence. They are sweet, eager to please, and devoted family companions. They do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time or they will become mischievous and destructive. They have a tendency to be overly exuberant and distractible. They are always gentle and patient with children. They are friendly with other pets. In fact, they are friendly with everyone. They tend to bark as a form of greeting. The Golden Retriever is not well suited for a two career family as they require an inordinate amount of human interaction and companionship.”

(All breed information and photos are from

Boston area’s top dogs in 2007

1. Retrievers (Labrador)

2. German Shepherd Dogs

3. Yorkshire Terriers

4. Retrievers (Golden)

5. Boxers

All ranking information taken from and

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Beyond the Leash currently offers Williams’ nationally recongized Doggy Boot Camp, obedience classes, and Nosework classes, which trains a dog’s ability to search with their nose.