Randy Hare is coming to New England!

Seminar Location: 850 Lawrence St., Lowell, MA 01852

Dates and Hours: July 6th-8th; Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9AM-4PM

Description: Randy has 25 plus years of experience in K9 Law Enforcement as well as detection dog training. Residing in Jackson, Mississippi, he is owner and lead trainer of Alpha K9. He created his own detection training method known as the On Target technique, which teaches the dog to make odor association while utilizing positive fight drive using an oral response. Within the seminar, there will be a detailed look at the theories and principles of traditional detection dog training as well as the On Target technique. Both odor recognition and the dog’s final response, whether it be a passive or active alert, will be shaped through the use of a Randy Hare rack. Furthermore, Randy will put an emphasis on teaching dogs to work independently of their handlers and resisting distractions and temptations while searching. Dogs will work both indoors and outdoors and will be encouraged to troubleshoot puzzles in order to strengthen their ability to locate odor. This 3-day seminar is ideal for anyone interested in or anyone who is already heavily involved in detection training. Randy is internationally renowned for his knowledge and skill in canine detection.

Pricing (coffee and donuts as well as lunch will be provided for all three days):
$250 3 day working spot LIMITED (dog needs to display strong toy drive)
$150 3 day auditing spot
$100 per day for working spot LIMITED (dog needs to display strong toy drive)
$75 per day for auditing spot
*10% discount for active Police or Military attendees

Please contact Scott Williams at info@beyondtheleash.com for a registration form. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible if you plan to attend because availability is limited. Hope to see many of you there!

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    […] preschool and much more! We are looking forward to our upcoming summer session as well as our canine detection seminar with the famous Randy Hare, which will be held at our facility this July 6-8. Blondy demonstrating […]

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