About Us

What Makes Beyond the Leash Different from Other North Shore Dog Training Services?
We are proud to have helped over 1,000 satisfied clients! We have exceeded the expectations of so many dog owners because we are a unique breed among professional dog training services. Specifically, we differ from other dog training options in three primary respects:

1. Completely Customizable Dog Training
All dogs are different. As are all owners. Everyone has their own goals and grievances, timeframe, schedule, budget, and level of skill in working with their dog. So while we offer three basic programs for Boxford area dog owners, each is completely customizable to fit the needs of you and your pet. We’ll work with you to devise a solution that involves you in the training as much or as little as you prefer…in other words, you’re in control of the pace, frequency, and even the method used to train your dog.

2. Expertise in Training Difficult Dogs
Everyone loves a puppy: They’re cute, cuddly, and a completely clean slate. So puppy dog training is often easier, with many trainers finding older, larger, and more stubborn dogs too much of a challenge. Not us! We are known for our success in training dogs described as “impossible to train,” “out of control,” “aggressive,” or “totally disobedient.”

Head trainer Scott Williams is not just another pet dog training expert; he is an award-winning competitive obedience trainer, skilled at dog agility training, who has traveled the U.S. and France competing professionally to obtain the highest level of canine obedience. Given his expertise in dog agility training, his accomplishments in competitive obedience, and our history of reforming the baddest of bad boys (and girls), just imagine what we can do with your average leash-puller or potty training problem!

3. Real-World Dog Training Results
Our motto is, “We get results!” Unlike many dog training professionals—both Essex dog trainers and others around the country—we are not committed to any one type of dog training technique. We are knowledgeable in a wide range of dog training methodologies, the pros and cons of each, and which works best in specific situations. Therefore, we do what it takes—short of scaring your dog or breaking his spirit of course—to get results that are long lasting and reliable in the real world; we work with you to select the type of dog training that suits your pet and your preferences.


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